Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ouch! My new temporary job is putting a cramp in my design style! I started working yesterday and I'm exhausted. I'm supposed to get through 10 lessons this month and it has been slow going as it is. Supposed to be learning how to share files and create previews this week. I find it tough to share my cookies! I would be in total panic mode but I'm So Tired. Worked. Walked to an appointment that was cancelled. Walked to lunch and back to work. Then walked home. Took the cat to the vet. Then home and still hadn't had supper. Whew, it was a long day and not much to say about scrapping. Just glad my Snooty Owl is still here:) A little pizza and an episode of Top Gear then off to bed.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Venturing into Digital Design

Follow me as I venture into digital design. I have subscribed to Hummie's World, see link over to the left, and enrolled in her Digital Designer class. It is going to be quite an adventure. The first lesson required coming up with my designer name and a logo. Exciting, but challenging because I do not yet have the skills to design a logo. Whew! First I used a free vintage graphic from The Graphics Fairy, there's a link to her on the sidebar, but seems like I should design my own logo. Then I tried drawing my own logo. Hmm, not too sure I like the first result. I have decided to give it a rest and work on it some more later. The second lessson was getting familiar with copyright and Terms of Use (TOU). Logical. All the piracy info is very interesting, espcially what some people will rationalize to be "fair use" or "public domain". Now the third lesson is to create a blog so here I am!! Pretty cool, huh. I wanted to learn how to create the blog but here I am agian wishing I had some design skills. I decided to create a title graphic to see if I could post one. Tada! Look above. I like it alot. I used Viva Artistry's Sweet Song to create it. Yep, you guessed it, there is a link to them, too, right over there with the others. Viva Artistry states specifically in their TOU that their designs may be used to decorate your blog. So I did, though if I learn to design it seems it would be best to use something I designed myself rather than someone elses. So I will. When I can. And I think it's great that I'll already have a blog to decorate when I do. So that's it for my first adventure into the blogging world.

Oh, the image above is an altered image from morguefile.com, which is also allowed. It's not cool to be a pirate. Did you know fonts are copyrighted, too. I used a font available for commercial use. It's one of the font choices on blogger, too!