Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Did I Know is now at Hummie's World

Oops! I'm late getting this fantastic new collab from the Hummie's World Designers posted. It's called Little Did I Know, it's all blue and white and it's beautiful! I've had so much fun using it and watching the wonderful layouts popping up in the gallery! And of course, Lee Benkers Designs is a contributor! There is a link to Hummie's World on the sidebar. Just go to The Boomerang to shop. It's right there! While you're there check out all the lessons and the fantastic community. It's one of the most welcoming communities I've found in digi-land! Little Did I Know. Here are some layouts I created using Little Did I Know: One of the first things I did was some white-on-white. I used to love white-on-white fabrics back in my quilting days and always snapped some up when I saw it. I feel the same way about this kit. White-on-white is great is blue-on-blue! I just may have a new favorite color combo. Besides, my mom always loved blue and white together, so this kit feels especially special:)

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